HEVEA Wide Neck Baby Glass Bottles are especially fantastic for formula

milk, as the wider bottle neck makes for easier access for spooning in the

formula - so practical to use! 


Benefits of the HEVEA Wide Neck Baby Glass Bottle 

- SAFE FOR YOUR CHILD - completely free from silicone, plastic, and other petrochemical substances

- HIGHEST QUALITY shock and thermo-resistant borosilicate glass made in Europe and completely plastic-free = no risk of microplastics 

-HYGIENIC – Easy to clean and sterilise (see video) – no holding onto odours or tastes with a glass bottle which is dishwasher safe, and for the nipples and caps, simply soak in freshly boiled water for a few minutesideo) - the wide neck bottles are perfect for formula-milk due to the large opening in top 

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-NO MESS - Nipples and caps are easy to attach on and off the bottles - no leaks and resistant to bites and pulls from baby when feeding

-EASY TO USE - So easy to use (see v

This product includes:


-       2 Wide neck borosilicate baby glass bottles 150ml/ 5oz capacity (of the same size) - perfect for babies 0-3 months

-       1 natural rubber cherry-shaped nipple

-       1 natural rubber vacuum-sealing cap 

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